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Micronised Talcum Powder

Micronised Talcum Powder

Talc is the softest known mineral composed of hydrated magnesium silicate. It is majorly used in cosmetics, ditergents, rubber, plastic, paper, paints and many more industries as base raw material or filler material. It is usually green, white, gray, or brown in colour.

Advantages of Micronised Talc Powder

The mineral talc is used in various industries that include

  • The talc is a translucent mineral with a pearly luster.
  • It is resistent to heat, electricity and acids.
  • It prevent recurrent pleural effusion or pneumothorax.
  • Talc enhancces the gloss
  • It has low shear strength and is one of the oldest known solid lubricants.
  • It has the ability to absorb moisture, absorb oils and absorb odor.

Application of Micronised Talc Powder

The mineral talc is used in various industries that include

  • Ceramic::Used as filler material in cermaic products, it enhances the strenghth and firing characterstic of the cermaic product.
  • Plastic :: It is mainly used as a filler. The platy shape of mineral talc particles increase the stiffness of products such as polypropylene, vinyl, polyethylene, nylon and polyester. It also increase the heat resistance of these products and reduce shrinkage.
  • Paper :: Used as filler material in making paper. When organic pulp is rolled to make thin sheets, the fine talc particles fill the gap between organic pulp fibers, resulting in fine, high quality, smooth and bright paper sheet.
  • Paint :: Talc is used as an extender and filler in paints. The platy shape of talc particles improves the suspension of solids in the can and helps the liquid paint adhere to a wall without sagging. It also brightens the paint.

Analysis and Composition of Mineral Talc

ParticularsGrade 94Grade 95Grade 96
Whiteness (%) 94 % Min. 95 % Min. 96 % Min.
Bulk Density (gm / ltr) 0.56 ± 3 0.54 ± 3 0.53 ± 3
Oil Absorption (%) 36 ± 2 36 ± 2 40 ± 2
Specific Gravity 2.7 2.7 2.7
pH of Sat. Solution (10%) 8 to 9 8 to 9 8 to 9
SiO2(%) 58.25 60.47 63.90
MgO(%) 28.35 28.87 29.42
CaO(%) 3.90 2.66 1.68
Loss on ignition (%) 9.50 8.00 5.00
Mesh 200, 300, 500, 700 mess
Particle Size up to 20 microns
Popular Names
Talc Powder, Mineral Talc Powder, Steatite Powder, Soapstone Powder, French Chalk
25 Kg Available
50 Kg Available
1 MT Jumbo Bag Available
Customised Packing Available

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