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Micronised Calcite
Micronised Calcite
Micronised Calcite
Micronised Calcite

Micronised Calcite

Calcium Caronate Powder, aka Calcite Powder is used as functional filler in various industries. It is prominently used as filler material for paints, plastic, and paper board products.

Specification of Calcium Caronate Powder

Typical Chemical Properties (on dry basis)
Calcium Carbonate CaCo3 Approx. 95%
Magnesium Oxide MgO Approx. 0.74%
Silicon Dioxide SiO2 Approx. 0.21%
Ferric Oxide Fe2O3 Approx. 0.06%
Aluminium Oxide Al2O3 Approx. 95%
Loss on Ignition - - - Approx. 95%
Typical Physical Properties
Average particle size(D50) µm 1.8 ± 0.2
Top cut (D98) µm 9.0 ± 2.0
Specific surface area cm2/g > 17000
DOP absorption g/100g 15.0 - 18.0
Brightness - - - 96% to 99% ± 2%
pH value - - - 9.0 ± 1
Moisture % ≤ 0.2
Specific gravity - - - 2.7

Grades of Our Micronised Calcite Powder

Our Micronised Calcium Carbonate Powder is available in two grades, that are widely used in paper, plastic and paint industry.

GradeAvailable Partical Size
Basic Non Coated 10 Microns, 15 Microns and 20 Microns
Stearic Acid Coated 10 Microns, 15 Microns and 20 Microns

Application of Micronised Calcite Powder

The calcite is used in various industries that include

  • Paints :: It is used in manufacturing emulsion paints, primers and anti corrosion primer
  • Plastic :: It is used in making Polyolefin , compound or materbatch
  • Paper :: It is used in making paper boards and other thick paper sheets.
Popular Names
Calcium Carbonate Powder, Calcite Powder
25 Kg Available
50 Kg Available
1 MT Jumbo Bag Available
Customised Packing Available

The information and specification provided on this site is based on the reports of raw material available at time of publication. We do not guarantee that current material will match the above specification. You may please ask for test reports of currently available product.