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Calcium Oxide Powder
Calcium Oxide Powder
Calcium Oxide Powder
Calcium Oxide Powder

Calcium Oxide Powder

Specification of Calcium Oxide Powder

CaO 90 % - 92 %
Mesh Size # 300 - # 500
Fe2O3 Approx. 0.2%
MgO Approx 0.2%
Coating Coated with parafine oil 2%

Application of calcium Oxide Powder

Calcium Oxide is used to control moisture in plastic and rubber products. It is also polpularly known as anti moisture powder Some of our prominent buyers use it in

  • Home Appliance manufacturing
  • Medical and Pharma
  • Automotive
  • Wire and Cable manufacturing
  • Textile
  • Building and Construction
Popular Names
Antimoisture Powder, Plastic Addititive

Desiccant (moisture removal) additive

Vim GranulesShine ShaktiSuper Chem
Desicccant masterbatch in granule form
Uniform polymer based
Moisture removal masterbatch
Antimoisture (Desicccant) powder in super fine mesh
For improved shine and strenggth
Improves quality of recycled plastic
Anti moisture powder in super fine mesh
Used in fresh and recycled plastic industry
superior coating pervents particles from flying
1 Kg Available
5 Kg Available
25 Kg Available
50 Kg Not Available
1 MT Jumbo Bag Not Available
Customised Packing Available

The information and specification provided on this site is based on the reports of raw material available at time of publication. We do not guarantee that current material will match the above specification. You may please ask for test reports of currently available product.